What Should A Blogger Blog About?

Jun 14

ChineseTakeoutThink of this post as a Chinese takeout dinner.

Nights when you don’t feel like cooking but have to put something on the table, you whip out the trusty menu from Empire Divine Garden and order stuff like spare ribs, wonton soup, sesame noodles, egg rolls, steamed dumplings, General Tso’s Chicken.

And days when a blogger feels a tad brain dead and writing a real essay is out of the question, she searches for something to post that doesn’t require a lot of preparation. Something satisfying and tasty, that leave you hungry for more in about an hour.

Some “appetizers” — topics readers can choose for coming blogs.

Pick one from Column A, and one from . . .

I’ve got a lot to offer. The list on my desktop of Coming Blogs/Ideas is longer than the federal tax code, and almost as amusing.  I also have a bin where I toss in articles with material for blogs. My bin runneth over. Although some of the topics are well, topical, and should be tossed out, some are timeless, like the perils of twitting: See WEINER DID IT, last week’s blog.

Choose New Topics For Blogs From Today’s Tempting Menu:

BerlusconiBrainBunga Bunga:

The world of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, that rascal, and his merry band of “Secretaries.” Of State. Oh, and bunga bunga, of uncertain origin, refers to sex parties. I ask forgiveness in advance from my friends and relatives in Italy for writing about this, but they’ll understand.

The Magic Of Mallomars:

Yes, I am an addict, and I can’t satisfy my jones until September because these mood enhancers are not available in the summer. What’s your poison? Twinkies? Hostess Cupcakes? Devil Dogs? You know you have one.

From Condoms to Hearing Aid Batteries:   

What you keep in your purse changes with the passing years.


Or maybe you’d like to read about . . .

HarrysBarCountess For A Night:

Involving Harry’s Bar in Venice, the New York Magazine writer Ken Auletta, Eurotrash, a Venetian aristocrat and a lot of Bellinis. I love this story. 

Going Rouge:

Those Republican women may not make any sense, but they sure look good. Is there a lesson in this?

Frugality Sucks:

Trying to stay on a budget is like trying to stay on a diet. Maybe I shouldn’t do this one. Too depressing. I think I’ll go to Saks. Or Harry’s Bar.

Zen and the Art Of Hair Color:

My guy Ming has a calm, Eastern thing going, but I’m still trying to get the right shade of auburn. Ohmmmmm.

The Art Of Avoidance:

Or, Why I Never Wrote That book, Redecorated My Apartment, Decorated My Apartment, Or Made That Appointment With The Dentist. So what are the odds of my writing this post?

Finding Zbigniew:

Yes, Zbigniew (SBIG-nee-ev). I may be the only woman you know who was once married to a man with this first name. Unless you’re a close personal friend of former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s wife. I want to know what became of my ex, but from a safe distance.

Silvia And Her Seven Suitcases:

The perils of traveling, lost luggage, sleeping in airports and why you should pack light. Even though you know you won’t. This story involves sledding down a hill on a suitcase that wouldn’t fit in the car, so I think I’ll save it for winter.

Ladies Who Launch, or: Mothers, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Bloggers:

Why do women start blogs? Why does anyone? Are you ever tempted?

WaybackCartoonThe Wayback Machine:

Unlike the imaginary one in Sherman and Peabody’s classic cartoons, this one is terrifyingly real. It’s a digital time capsule which contains everything (EVERYTHING!) ever put on the Internet…. Don’t congressmen know this?

Conversely . . .


New research on a procedure that could erase parts of your memory, especially severe trauma. I wonder if I ever forget that embarrassing date when I singed my eyelashes (oh, the humanity) trying to look sophisticated by lighting my cigarette with a candle. Wait a minute. Did I write this post already???

I’m tempted to add another idea:
Who Is General Tso Anyway And What’s He Got To Do With Poultry?
But, who cares.


Pick a topic — or lots of them — and I’ll deliver them in a coming blog.

Free rice for the first 10 people who comment.

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