They walk among us. Or to be more exact, we walk among us.
We are the men and women of a certain age whose life experiences could, under normal circumstances, make us bitter. But what is normal these days, anyway? And why be bitter—when there are far more enjoyable options.

Hey, I could be bitter and then some. Just getting older is enough to do it: I still have an hourglass figure, but the sand has definitely shifted. How about losing friends and family, and the death of my  husband after I finally got the marriage thing right. Oh, yeah. I could be bitter. But I moved on and have a new relationship and a new life.

Along the way, I saw that many things in life are actually quite funny when you look at them in a certain way. If laughter is the best medicine, then think of me as your very own, slightly deranged Dr. Pat.

Dr Oz: Eat your heart out. Really.

You may have noticed that the name of the blog has changed from I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M NOT BITTER to MY AGE IS UNLISTED. (My audience is very perceptive that way.) The name change and visuals are new because we are now gearing all the posts to people over fifty, who can use a little light humor in their  lives.

If the spirit —or spirits (a little wine or vodka does wonders)—move you, comment on the posts. Nothing fancy, just say what’s on your mind. You don’t have to be funny unless you want to be because that’s my job.

Yours is to never get bitter. And to keep your age unlisted.

Think you can handle that?