Feb 14

They walk among us. Or to be more exact, we walk among us.

We are the women of a certain age whose life experiences could, under normal circumstances, make us bitter. But what is normal these days, anyway? And why be bitter? There are other options . . .

Hey, I could be bitter and then some. Failed relationships (and I’m not even counting the marriages), aging parents who aren’t getting any younger, and neither am I (I still have an hourglass figure, but the sand has definitely shifted), jobs that didn’t exactly work out, dental bills. I could go on.

So why am I not bitter? Beats me. It’s not drugs: gave that up a long time ago. Don’t have the perfect life even now. It’s pretty good, but it’s not all Hallmark Moments either. Lost money just like everyone else in the market, and my 401K is, yes, more like a 101K these days.

And yet. Things are actually quite funny when you look at them in a certain way.

If it will make you feel better, tell me what’s making you bitter, and I’ll write about that, or you can comment on the posts. Just say what’s on your mind. You don’t have to be funny (unless you want to be) because that’s my job.

Send anything you like from this blog to another Woman Who Walks Among Us. She could use a laugh, too. And if you need an additional dose of silliness yourself, you can visit me at www.womanaroundtown.com, where I write the Laugh Lines column.

            These women are not bitter — chilly, maybe, but not bitter!



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