The Heart-Shaped Meatloaf Is Back!

Feb 06



As readers of  
I Can’t Believe I’m Not Bitter  

know by now . . .

Valentine’s Day Is Tricky.

Sure, a guy can get something sweet for her. Tobasco

A gal can get something “hot” for him.

Something cute for the kids, anyone?




But what if you don’t have a her, 
a him or a them?

What if you don’t have a Valentine?

Don’t worry.

And don’t get bitter, which, as we know, is a fate worse than death.

Just do this:

HeartMeatloadMake a (more or less) heart-shaped meatloaf and serve it up hot, with garnish and gusto to your mother, your neighbor, your doorman, your dog, or any animate object who isn’t a vegetarian.

They’ll love you for it. And that is the point.


And, for the meatloaf recipe (best you ever tasted), 
and the story that goes with it, click on:  
The Heart-Shaped Meatloaf


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