Return of The Heart-Shaped Meatloaf

Feb 14

Valentine-Pat0575_2Valentine’s Day is tricky.

Take my heart-shaped meatloaf (You should only be so lucky). This year, it turned out rather free form, and the tomatoes and parsley could only disguise it so much. And yet. I needed a photo for the blog, having neglected to write anything else for the big day.

Well, the photo session with my beloved didn’t go all that well. The meatloaf kept slipping down the plate, and in the shots where it looked good, I didn’t. And then, the camera that can do anything but wash windows went dead. Its battery did, anyway. He grumbled. I grimaced. Wait a minute! This was supposed to be in honor of Valentine’s Day. Lighten up.

We took a deep breath and ate the back-up meatloaf (One always has to have a back-up meatloaf, I find), had some wine, and waited for our various batteries to recharge.

The camera and/or the wine worked, and here’s the picture.

But there’s a problem with Valentine’s Day. . .

High expectations, stress, and sometimes, disappointment. You sometimes end up struggling, not snuggling, with your honey. Not the point at all.

And what if you don’t have a Valentine?

Don’t worry.

Make a heart-shaped (more or less) meatloaf and present it with garnish and gusto to your mother, your neighbor, your doorman, your dog or any animate object who isn’t a vegetarian.

They’ll love you for it. And that is the point.


For the meatloaf recipe (best you ever tasted), go to:  
The Heart-Shaped Meatloaf

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