Feb 20

I hated the ending of Downton Abbey. No, that has nothing to do with the Oscars. Just had to get it out of my system.

We’re talking about movies here, folks, and something nice happened this year: there were a bunch of good ones. Really.

DanielDayLewisFor serious history lovers and those who want to giggle at Tommy Lee Jones in that ridiculous wig, there’s


(Exclamation point added.)


TommyLeeJonesSeriously, it’s a seriously serious subject and one that’s seriously relevant today. The man wheels and deals and makes (Gasp!) compromises to get something important done for the country. I just know there’s a lesson here somewhere for those wonderful folks in Congress whose main accomplishment, cynically speaking, seems to be getting great health and retirement benefits in place. For themselves. Okay, I said it was cynical. Anyway, see the movie. For Daniel Day-Lewis in yet another incredible performance, for Sally Field (we really, really do love her) in those overdone outfits Mrs. L loved to splurge on. And yes, for the wig.

AmourFor a sensitive serious subject, not recommended for anyone over 18:


OMG, if this one doesn’t depress the hell out of you, you have never dealt with an aging spouse or parent, or you are on Prozac (Does that work?) or you like the black, the blue and the bleak. Yes, the acting is superb. But still.

SilverLiningsPlaybookAnd speaking of Prozac, you must see:


Two damaged people, perfectly played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who at times seem wiser than the “normal” folks around them, do a dance move you won’t soon forget. That’s Amore. Or Amour. And then there’s Robert Di Niro.

Two under aged people fall in love in . . .



And I loved it! They say you either “get” Wes Anderson or not.  I’m a fan. (Loved The Royal Tenenbaums.) Moonrise has a kind of kooky magic realism I really fell for. Okay, maybe it was because I watched it on Valentine’s Day, hence all these “loves,” but I found myself believing that these two 12 year olds really were meant for each other.  It’s nominated for Best Original Screenplay, but not Best Picture. See what you think.



ArgoA film I stood up and applauded (literally) was:


Okay, okay, so it wasn’t exactly accurate, like the race to the airport that never really happened in “real life.” But hell, the basis of this incredibly improbably story is true: a scheme to free 6 U.S. diplomats during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 —by staging a phony movie. Serious stuff with very funny bits from Alan (“Ar, go f— yourself “) Arkin, nominated for an Oscar, and John Goodman, who I usually can just tolerate but loved in this role. Anyone ever see After The Fox? A somewhat similar premise, but 100 per cent silly. Get it on Netflix. After the Oscars.

Meanwhile, see: LIFE OF PI for the cinematography and BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD for that incredible child with the unpronounceable name.

AnnaKareninaSkip ANNA KARENINA unless you’re only in it for the costumes.

I have to admit that I haven’t seen SKYFALL yet, but I’m sure that Daniel Craig is his usual sexy self.

And I won’t see ZERO DARK THIRTY because I can’t get past the idea that it promotes torture, or DJANGO UNCHAINED because the moves of Quentin Tarantino give me more gore than I can stomach, and I do believe, in my quaint little way, that all the violence in movies does have an effect on society. So sue me.

Another movie I’m avoiding like the plague is FLIGHT, since I’m taking one soon, and one I shouldn’t have seen THE IMPOSSIBLE, because I’m going to a resort, although not in Thailand.

I may try to see LES MISERABLES before Sunday, even though the trailers look dreadful! And would like to see Helen Hunt in THE SESSIONS, if I can get my hands on a DVD in time. Might be squirmy to see it in a theatre.

LifeOfPiWhich film do I think will win Best Picture? If I had to bet (I have to bet) I’d pick Lincoln, but I really enjoyed Argo more. And some critics are giving it to Les Miz or Zero. Don’t think Life of Pi  has a chance, but neither did a boy on a boat with a tiger, so who knows.


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