Name That Puppy!

Jan 04

dadandscout.jpgFor some weird reason, dogs love me. On Christmas, a white bundle of fluff named Bella was all over me (in front of the children!) and before that, a boxer weighing slightly less than I do jumped into my lap, then followed me around, wagging and whimpering. The dog, not me. Go figure: I’m not even a dog person. But I am a writer and I like to think up names.

So when my brother Gary got this adorable puppy and wanted to choose a name, he called to talk about it.

His first choice was “Scout,” which I personally love.

Scout: for the heroine of To Kill A Mockingbird, or for Girl Scout (the doggie is a female), or talent scout, or . . . Tonto’s horse! (You remember “Hi, ho, Silver, Away! Well, Scout was right up there with The Lone Ranger.) The name Scout: it’s all good.

Except for one little thing: When training a dog, “Scout” sounds a lot like “Out.” Uh-oh. “Out, Scout?” I don’t think so. And “Out, out, damned Scout” doesn’t even make sense.

Besides, doggie experts say that a dog’s name should have two or more syllables.

H’mm. The dog is dark brown and white and wonderful. What else, we wondered, is brown and white with positive vibes? Too bad about Tiger Woods. Rotten timing. Oxfords? Nah. A hot fudge sundae? Getting warmer. . . Wait a minute! How about our all-time favorite cookie, the one we obsess about and will take no substitute for, the only cookie that has a “season” because it’s real chocolate and would melt in the summer  — the one, the only, the Mother Of All Cookies:

Mallomar! He could call her Mallomar! We once named Nancy Drew’s new lab Chocolate Chip, and that worked.

And yet. We do so love the name Scout. . .

scout.jpgSo, what do you think Gary should name his new little bundle of joy?

Let’s face it, it’s official name is not exactly Rover. It’s a PBGV:
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, pronounced Puh-TEE Bah-SAY Gree-FOHN VON-day-uhn.
Excusez-moi! Such a fancy French name for such a sweet little puppy.

That sure is a mouthful, even for a dog as intelligent as this one. By the way, PBGVs are smart, cute, active and mischievous. Not unlike my brother.

For mere mortals such as we .  . .  an easy way to remember the name of the breed is:
eanut Butter Great Victor.

But back to the name of the doggie. Should it be:

SCOUT? Experts be damned.
MALLOMAR? You know you love them!

All of this is tres important because sadly, Gary lost his wonderful dog, a PBGV named Harley, a few months ago, and hasn’t been this excited since the birth of his last child. Or was it the beginning of the Mallomar season? Whatever.

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Dog lovers: Visit the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of American at

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