Funny Signs . . . Of The Times

Mar 22

I need to talk to you about grammar

You know, like spelling and apostrophes and stuff. When you send me an email that’s a grammatical disaster, do I get upset? Hell, no. You’re too busy to think about such annoying details. I get it.



But if you were paying for a sign to advertise your business, even if you had sold 99 billion and counting, would you allow this?

I didn’t think so,




And if you wanted to start a blog or a website, would you turn to this company?

Not so much.




As for this one, perhaps the painter was on something stronger than Diet Coke and was giving new meaning to the term “higher learning.”



Can Anyone Speel, er, Spell These Days?

You’d hope so, on the highway . . .






So such luck.



This sign is an old joke, but old jokes can be funny:

Unless your (sic) the non-executive person who put up the sign and you weren’t trying to be humorous (Hell, you put the copy through SpellCheck, didn’t you?) and you’re (also sic) boss, having little or no sense of humor, fires you for it. Although it is also eminently possible that nobody will notice. Or get the sics in that sentence.


Actually, my favorite sign was in the window of a frame shop. . .


                            A L L   K I N D   F R A M E S

I was really touched, in a weird sort of way, to think that not a single one of the frames, whether plain aluminum or gilded gold, were in any way mean. If I bought one of them, they would never do me harm, because they were all . . . kind. Such a nice thought in this cruel, cruel world. A world where a store with all kind frames was replaced by yet another Dunkin’ Donuts. Harumph.

Graffiti misspellings are good, too.

The one that amused me no end was in the tunnel by the Met Life building:

                                 Y O U R   U G L Y!

Your ugly what, I wondered, each and every time I passed it. Sadly, it was removed long ago, possibly by someone offended by the lack of an apostrophe and a final e on Your,  but more likely by a laborer paid to beautify the wall.


Some Signs Are Unintenionally Funny:Dumb_Bells


My reaction to this one was, “Gee, I liked the old dumbbells.” They seemed like nice guys, and were very decorative. . . “


(Synergy Gym: I am only kidding. The trainers are smart as well as cute. I just couldn’t help myself.)


Cross This Bridge When You Come To It

Or not.

I have this second hand, so I couldn’t swear to it, but a bridge in China is alleged to have a warning that you can’t cross it if you’re insane or have had many abortions. This, of course, goes beyond mere misspelling, and I’m sure something was lost in the translation. We’ll never know.




Meanwhile, keep an open mind. Apparently, there’s more than one way to look at things. . .







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