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Feb 15

alert_the_media.jpgOkay, kid, now you’ve got a blog to call your own. (You and it are definitely going steady.) It’s cute, it’s sassy and you’re getting good reviews — from people on your e-mail list, and some of the people on their e-mail lists, and some of the people on their lists, and into the vast infinity of the blogosphere. Hundreds already, but who’s counting. It’s the web’s answer to word-of mouth. Which is a good thing. But not enough.

Now you want to get this thing into wide release, to journalists everywhere —an announcement to newspapers (remember them, those quaint old things), magazines and, especially, other blogs and sites.

So now, without further ado, the press release:


                                    I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M NOT BITTER
                                 Why the web does too need another blog!

In a world where . . . markets are crashing, jobs are being lost, budgets are being cut, spirits are low, and egos are definitely deflating . . . here’s something free, non-caloric, and non-alcoholic (although possibly habit-forming) to make you forget all that and look at the funny side of life.

That’s Entertainment: like a funny movie, the aim is to make you laugh — although we don’t think you need a telgram to get the message, either.

Anti-Twitter: We have nothing against tweets, but the posts here are essays with a beginning, middle and end, and NEWS FLASH! readers seem to appreciate this.

Audience: The site is aimed primarily at women, but many of the readers are men.

Comments on the site have been terrific. A few excerpts:

      •As a fan of old school New Yorker humor, it reminds me most of Benchley’s wry responses to everyday challenges, with a little bit of Thurber’s War Between the Sexes thrown in. Top it with knife-sharp insights a la Mrs. Parker (Men in Skirts would have been a perfect topic for her) . . and this is something special.

      •Good stuff! Keep up the good work.  I assume your blog isn’t for women only.  I do have a sensitive feminine side, so count me in as one of your readers.

      •Great laughs; your blog is wonderful and so timely . . . I don’t want to be one of those bitter women, and sometimes it’s real easy to feel yourself sliding into major cynicism.

    •Thanks for the essays. They’re all very funny and pertinent to my way of thinking, even though I didn’t know that until I read them! Keep them coming!

Extra! Extra!
Pat promises to “keep them coming,” every Tuesday and Friday, and hopes that none of you will “slide into major cynicism” in between blogs.

FYI: So far, the most popular post is I’ve Lost it! Law and DisOrder.

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